Greater Central Connecticut

Woman's Tournament

Dress Code



➢ Participants must wear a shirt with a polo type collar, mock neck collar, or crew neck shirt. Bowling apparel shirts will be allowed as long they meet requirements listed above.

➢ Women may wear skirts, slacks, casual trousers, skorts, culottes, capris or denim jeans. Capris will be allowed provided the length is below the knees and at least mid-calf or longer. Yoga pants will not be allowed. Leggings will only be allowed if garment is underneath a skirt. Skirts must be at least fingertip length when standing with arms down at sides and the garment’s outer material must be at least half the distance of the upper leg. Shorts will be allowed as long as they are presentable with no holes, or cut offs.

➢ All clothing must be neat, clean and have no holes or tears.

➢ Clothing not allowed are as follows: Sweatshirts and sweatpants, parachute (Warm up) pants, leggings separately, yoga pants, hats and t-shirts. No profanity or vulgarity will be allowed on any clothing.

All dress code is up to the discretion of tournament management.

Decision will be final.